Kitchen Renos: Where to Start

Kitchen Renos: Where to Start

Are you ready to rip out your kitchen and start over?  Are you sick of looking at ugly cabinets and countertops and want a refreshing change?  You’re not alone, the kitchen is one of the most commonly renovated areas in the home.  There are thousands of options at your fingertips for remodeling your kitchen, it can leave you not knowing where to begin.  Here are some of the things you need to consider when you are getting ready to remodel your kitchen.  They will also help you figure out the budget you’re going to need and where you can make changes.

Getting Started

First things first, are there any issues with your kitchen?  Do you want to remodel for style or do you need to remodel because of plumbing or electrical issues.  Make a detailed assessment of your kitchen and include things like what needs to be fixed versus what you would like to change.  Look at plumbing, electrical, flooring, countertops and cupboards.  This is where the remodel starts.

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Does your electricity work fine, can you run a blender and the microwave at the same time?  If you are blowing breakers or can’t run two appliances at once then this is something that needs to be fixed.  Also consider whether you want to add extra outlets.  Make sure that if you have gas appliances the gas is also working fine.


Plumbing is a big part of what makes your kitchen functional.  When you renovate you should get your plumbing checked.  Also if you are adding things like dishwashers, fridges with ice makers or an island with a sink you will need a master plumber to come in and make that happen for you.  All of this will factor into the cost of your renovation.  Kitchens need to be more than pretty they need to function.


Changing out the cabinets in your home can be expensive but well worth it.  However if new cabinets aren’t necessarily in the budget then you can probably get away with new fittings for them along with a fresh coat of paint.  You can change the look of your cabinets without gutting your kitchen provided they are in good shape.  Here is a look at how to paint your cabinets for a fresh finish.

Countertops and Appliances

Countertops can crack and stain over time so invest in some good countertops, it will pay off when the time comes to sell your home.  Old and outdated appliances can drain electricity, moving to newer energy efficient appliances will pay off in the long run.  How do your floors look?  Replacing old flooring is a great investment.

Exterior Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter is here and it is time to get your house ready to face the snow and cold weather.  Many homeowners make the mistake of only performing home maintenance on to the interior of your home, or they only look at their siding to make sure it is fine.  But your roof is also an important part of the home’s exterior and it also need to be checked for damage.  The same can be said of your foundation.

You are far better off when you catch necessary repairs early then you can get them done before you it ends up costing you a fortune.  If you just bought your first home then you may not even know the type of things that you should be looking out for.  Here are the places you need to look over to check for potential problems so you can nip them in the bud.

Where to Look

  • Roofing: Starting at the top let’s take a look at your roof and look for things like missing or lose shingles.  If there are any shingles that need repair then you need to repair them before they leave the roof exposed to the elements.  Small leaks can turn into big leaks quickly.
  • Rain Gutters: The rain gutters are there to keep water away from your home, they protect the roof and the siding from too much water.  Make sure that they aren’t sagging anywhere and they are attached properly.  Rain gutters can also get clogged with leaves in the fall so you also need to clean them out periodically so you don’t end up with leaves.
  • Windows: Windows are one of the more common ways that your home loses heat during the winter.  Check your windows not only to make sure that they open and close properly but also that you aren’t getting drafts coming in.  If you can’t afford to replace your window you can make sure they are properly caulked or cover them with plastic to keep cold air out during the winter.
  • Paint/Siding: Check your siding for any cracks or missing pieces, you should take a high pressure washer to your siding once a year and clean it off.  The same goes for exterior paint.  If you have cracked or peeling paint it may be time to sand down and repaint.
  • Patio area: If you have a deck then make sure that the boards are in good shape.  Be extra vigilant where the deck meets the home, wood rot occurs more often here and you want to make sure you don’t have insects or other pests living on or near your deck.

Home maintenance isn’t really complicated it is simply double checking parts of your home to make sure there aren’t any problems.  Home repair is expensive but if you catch problems earlier you can save yourself a fortune.